Pediatric Health Nurse Consultant


The Pediatric Health Nurse Consultant devotes their knowledge and skill to caring for children from infancy to their late teens. This type of speciality consultant is a true asset to the public and private sector of the community as they are devoted to the well-being of children through preventative care and health education services.

The PHNC collaborates with organizations who have similar goals of reducing disease transmission in the community, identifying health risks and implementing preventative care programs.  They work in a variety of setting to establish policies and procedures for childcare facilities, provide advanced training about the pediatric population, implements pediatric health screenings and more.

Business Opportunities:

There are a vast amount of business opportunities for this new and emerging speciality consultant. The Pediatric Health Nurse Consultant partner with:

  • physician offices
  • urgent cares
  • childcare facilities
  • public and private grade schools
  • preventative healthcare organizations
  • government entities

Fee for Service:

The PHNC charges for services rendered. Fees for services are determined by a vast amount of factors such as; organization, project development and implementation, time devoted to project and travel. The average Nurse Consultant charges $85 – $250/hour.

Business Outlook:

There is an emense amount of business opportunities for the Pediatric Health Nurse Consultant to partner with healthcare and childcare organizations. If you are an experienced pediatric nurse who is interested in entrepreneurship the Pediatric Health Nurse Consultant offers you the ability to work part-time or full-time as you launch your business as a PHNC.

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