Accreditation and Compliance Nurse Consultant


The Accreditation and Compliance Nurse Consultant ensures healthcare facilities implement national patient safety goals and quality improvement measures to obtain and maintain JHACO accreditation. The ACNC provides a complete assessment of the organizations current practices to prepare for compliance through mock surveys and the revision of performance practices.

Tasks through collaborations wth healthcare organizations include:

  • assistance with accreditation
  • evaluation of clinical processes
  • performance management solutions
  • infection control standards
  • risk management solutions

Business Opportunities:

The Accreditation and Compliance Nurse Consultant has opportunities to partner with various healthcare organizations such as:

  • behavioral health facilities
  • ambulatory care facilities
  • urgent care facilities
  • long term care facilities
  • home health programs
  • pharmacies

Fee for Service:

The ACNC charges a fee for services rendered to each institution. Fees for service are dependent on project details, time and travel per project and availability. The average Nurse Consultant charges a fee of $85 to $250 per hour. 

Business Outlook:

Opportunities for Accreditation and Compliance Nurse Consultants are plentiful. As new and emerging ambulatory surgical centers and urgent cares become abundant so does opportunities for ACNCs to assist with accreditation.