Disease Management Nurse Consultant


Health education is the primary role of the Disease Management Nurse Consultant. Collaborating with healthcare institutions to provide educational services such as post discharge follow-up, telephonic disease management and disease management advocacy are a few tasks performed by the DMNC that enhance the well being of the patient population.

The goal of the DMNC is to ensure information provided to the patient is easy to understand and implement to increase adherence to physicians instructions, medication compliance, and decreased hospital admission rates.

Business Opportunities:

The Disease Management Nurse Consultant understands that a persons health is affected by a number of factors. Seeking and assisting the patient implement lifestyle changes through medical guidance is an asset to any medical team. The business opportunities are excellent for Nurse Consultants in this speciality. DMNC’s can partner with:

  • Speciality care physicians
  • Long-term care facilities
  • Insurance companies
  • Hospitals
  • Surgical centers
  • and more

Fee For Service:

DMNC’s charge a set fee per client and services offered. Fees greatly depend on geographic location, details of services, time and travel.

Business Outlook:

Nurses have consulted their services for years and provided teaching as a preventative tool and a means of survival for the chronic patient. Consulting directly with healthcare institutions has made it possible for Nurse Consultants to launch their own business and be compensated for their knowledge and skill. Business opportunities for the Disease Management Nurse Consultant are plentiful