Employee Health Nurse Consultant


Cultivating a productive, healthy workforce is the goal of the Employee Health Nurse Consultant. The EHNC has the combined knowledge of healthcare and business to provide expertise to businesses who have a goal of promoting a healthy workforce. Through direct partnerships with companies of all industries the Nurse Consultant provides:

  • workplace health and safety assessments
  • development of health education and disease management programs
  • coordinates health seminars
  • conducts research analysis on workplace exposures
  • and additional health restoration programs

Business Opportunities:

The Employee Health Nurse Consultant forms partnerships with businesses in various industries as well as different sizes. Partnership opportunities are available in the following industries: 

  • technology & software
  • oil & gas
  • government & law services
  • education
  • medical 

Fee for Service

Clients are billed by the EHNC based on conditional terms established by the Nurse Consultant and the business client. Nurse consultants charge an average rate of $65 to $200 per hour based on the terms of each project. The partnership opportunities for the Employee Health Nurse Consultant are  lucrative. 

Business Outlook:

Companies are becoming increasingly involved in tactics to keep staff fit, healthy, and knowledgeable about disease prevention. The Employee Health Nurse Consultant is essential to providing a business oriented workforce with the information necessary to establish and maintain a healthy well being.