Forensic Health Nurse Consultant


The field of forensic science intersects medicine and law knowledge to investigate and solve crimes. The Forensic Health Nurse Consultant collaborates with emergency departments to collect data from victims who have been injured as a result of intentional or unintentional trauma.  The FHNC is critical to the justice system and services children, adults, and the elderly who have been harmed as a result of assault, battery, neglect, or other forms of intentional neglect.  

Business Opportunities:

The Forensic Health Nurse Consultant forms partnerships with facilities with a high incidence of medical trauma associated with criminal activity. Such facilities include:

  • emergency departments
  • urgent cares
  • community anti-violence programs
  • medical examiners office
  • correctional instutitions
  • psychiatric hosptials

Fee for Service:

The FHNC creates invoices for each organization services are rendered. Fees are based on the terms of the contract and should include time and travel, project development and details of services. The average Nurse Consultant charges $85 to $250 per hour. 

Business Outlook:

The opportunities for success as a Forensic Health Nurse Consultant are excellent. Many community based hospitals do not have a 24/7 forensic RN on staff. Partnering with a FHNC and contracting services allows organizations to utilize the FHNC on a as needed bases. This speciality permits flexibility as well as a lucrative income.