Healthcare Media Nurse Consultant


The Healthcare Media Nurse Consultant is a Registered Nurse who uses existing expertise as a healthcare professional to assist healthcare clientele in branding and marketing their services. The HMNC has the expert knowledge to identify problems in current branding methods and provides solutions utilizing a combination of marketing and healthcare knowledge.

The HMNC is essential to identifying the target market and providing direct outreach to grow the target audience. The HMNC provides the following services for clientele:

  • Social media branding
  • Development of media posts
  • Audience outreach through media engagement
  • Development of organizational brand on media platforms
  • website content development

Business Opportunities:

HMNC partner with an array of healthcare firms such as:

  • hospitals
  • ambulatory surgical centers
  • medical spas
  • pharmacy’s
  • healthcare technology companies
  • urgent cares
  • dentist offices
  • physician offices

Fee for Service:

Fees for service are established by the designated project per contract basis. The Healthcare Media Nurse Consultant can charge by the hour or work designated or by the project.

Business Outlook:

More than 1/3  of adult medical consumers rely on information provided by online resources to assess, treat, or diagnoses clinical symptoms . The Healthcare Media Consultant is well versed in media relations and healthcare practices resulting in a great business outlook to partner with healthcare organizations whose goals is to increase their online media presence.


  • 1-2 years of clinical experience
  • Bachelor Degree in Nursing
  • Marketing & social media knowledge