Nurse Consultant Ambassador

What is a Nurse Consultant Ambassador?

A Nurse Consultant Ambassador is a member of The Nurse Consultant Network (Basic or Premium Member) who assists with the promotion of the Nurse Consultant Bootcamp. The Nurse Consultant Bootcamp is a LIVE 2-Day event that educates and informs the professional Nurse  how to launch a successful Nurse Consultant firm. A limited number of Ambassadors will be selected in each major U.S. city.

What are the requirements to become an Ambassador?

Selection of Nurse Consultant Ambassadors is limited. All interested participants must:

  • Complete NCA Application
  • Read and agree to terms and conditions
  • Have minimum 3 years of nursing experience
  • Be actively engaged on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest)
  • Basic/Premium member of TNCN
  • Attendance of the LIVE webinar “Beyond the Bedside”
  • Post minimum once weekly about TNCN events/products on social media platforms

What are the earnings of a Nurse Consultant Ambassador?

NCA’s are rewarded $100 for every participant that registers and pays in full for the Nurse Consultant Bootcamp. Each Nurse that registers under your code will receive a discount at registration. NCA ambassadors also receive a 50% discount on The Nurse Consultant Bootcamp.

For more information


Email subject: Nurse Consultant Ambassador Inquiry