Nurse Consulting 101

What is a nurse consultant?

A nurse consultant is an experienced RN who utilizes his/her nursing expertise to work collaboratively with organizations. They provide guidance, create workflows, and share healthcare theory relevant to projects. Nurse consultants have the option to work as independent consultants and start his/her own firm or be hired into a company.

What opportunities are available for nurse consultants?

The opportunities available for independent nurse consultants are endless. Any area of specialty the nurse is most knowledgable is an opportunity to turn that knowledge into a marketable service. Independent nurse consulting allows the nurse to choose his/her clients, have lifestyle flexibility, and still implement relevant changes to the healthcare community.

Companies in industries such as tech, oil & gas, and enginerring are also seeking to hire nurse consultants as full-time employees.

What is the income potential of a nurse consultant?

The compensation varies for independent nurse consultants and is directly aligned with the fee for service charged by the nurse. The average fee for service is $250/hr.