Wound Care Nurse Consultant


The Wound Care Nurse Consultant is experienced in developing and implementing wound prevention, skin management, and wound treatment programs for organizations. The expertise of the WCNC is critical in providing comprehensive assessments to determine the most appropriate and cost effective use of wound management products and resources per facility. 

The responsibilities of the Wound Care Nurse Consultant include:

  • Promotes and facilitates quality improvement wound prevention programs
  • Provides training to organizations regarding preventative measures, interventions, and individualized treatment options
  • Reviews organizational policies, procedures and guidelines governing wound care to ensure alignment with evidenced based research
  • Develops treatment protocols

Business Opportunties: 

The Wound Care Nurse Consultant plays a pivotal role in the interdisciplinary team and has the option to partner with organizations such as:

  • Rehabilitation hospitals
  • Primary care physician offices
  • Senior living facilities
  • Hyperbaric clinics
  • Long term care facilities
  • Home health agencies

Fee for Service:

Fees for service are service based. WCNC have the option to charge by the hour or per service provided. 

Business Outlook:

Consulting your services as a Wound Care Nurse Consultant can result have a huge return on investment if you are possess the ability to market your services and network with providers who utilize WCNC services. Whether full time or part time a successful business as a Wound Care Nurse Consultant is rewarding financially and professionally. 


  • Bachelor Degree in Nursing
  • 1-2 years clinical experience
  • Wound Care Nurse certification